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Whaaaaaat's Up!!!!!! Mike "Bones" McKenney here….I am the skin slamming, pot knocking, drumming machine for The SquirrelHeads. Originally from Oakland, Caly and growing up in Augusta, GA (the Home of the Godfather of Soul….that's right - James "heeeeeeeeyy" Brown). As you can tell already, I grew up with the funk! My musical tastes and influences range from James Brown/Motown style R&B, to west coast HardCore HipHop, to the down south sticky funk-you-up grooves of The Meters in Nawlins, LA, to the uptown sounds of NYC jazz or Chicago Blues.

I too, like Jamie, was influenced musically by many of my trips to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and then graduating to the Jazz Festival, a true musical experience. The feel and the spirit from its people and cultural, musical history and attitude just get into your blood. This creates a pure musical and cultural influence that sticks with you for a lifetime, especially for a musician.

I've been playing music since the mid 80s in various working bands - from original music acts The Truth (circa 1988-90 Southern Style Rock…Freebird!) and Full Moon AfterNoon (circa. 2000 Grateful Dead hippie style) to cover bands The Melon Thumpers (2001 alternative 99X style cover band) and Hula Popper (see below). So my range of musical playing styles differs greatly and I call on all of those influences for the songs currently in the SquirrelHeads arsenal.

Hula Popper (circa 1993-1999), clearly the most "successful," I've been involved with to date. From 1995-1998 we were the Sunday night house act at the BuckHead Saloon. During the 1996 Olympics we were sponsored by Budweiser, playing all 18 days with a high light of playing behind Chubby Checker on Saturday 7/27/96.

I know you'll enjoy the shake your moneymaker, funk and grooving, greasy good sounds of The SquirrelHeads. And tell 'em Mr. Wrestling II sent ya. Don't forget - Respect the Squirrel!